When will the PNB METLIFE SHHM 2018 take place ?

The event is scheduled for Sunday, 2nd September 2018.

Who organises the PMLI SHHM?

The PNB METLIFE SHHM is organised by the SATARA RUNNERS FOUNDATION, a registered Non Profit Organization, formed by a group of like minded people/Runners from all walks [ and Runs  ] of Life, who came together to organise "A little run" in their home town Satara for the first time in 2012. We have indeed come a long way since then, and hope to carry on doing the good work !

The group draws its strength from its base of volunteers drawn from dedicated runners who are members of the SATARA HILL RUNNERS - a group of fun loving and adventurous souls, who spare no efforts towards making the event the Rocking success that it has become.

When can I register for PNB METLIFE SHHM 2018 ?

For SATARA DISTRICT/ LOCAL RUNNERS, registration for PNB MetLife SHHM 2018 will start on 1st March 2018 and close when the maximum limit of 2000 registrations is reached OR on 5th April 2018, whichever happens first. The registration for OUTSTATION RUNNERS will commence at 5 am on 7th April 2018, on the occasion of World Health Day.

What are the events at PNB METLIFE SHHM 2018 ?

1] HALF MARATHON (21.1 km), [ Competitive & Timed run ]

2] DHAMAAL RUN ( a 3 km non – competitive and non – timed Themed Fun Run ).The theme for 2018 is " I am a HERO ! "

What time will it start ?

The Half Marathon (21.1 km) starts at 6:00 AM. 

The DHAMAAL run [ a 3 km Fun Run ] starts at 6.45 AM.

Is it a timed event ?

Yes, Timing chips for computerised recording of your run will be provided to all runners of the HALF MARATHON [ 21.1 km ] EVENT

NO timing chips for the  DHAMAAL RUN. [ A Non competitive and theme based run ]

What is the last date of registration ?

For OUTSTATION RUNNERS [ runners residing outside SATARA DISTRICT limits], registration for PNB MetLife SHHM 2018 will close when the maximum limit of 3000 registrations is reached OR on 30th April 2018, whichever happens first.

Usually, the slots for Outstation runners fill up pretty fast and the registration closes in less than 24 hrs from the start of the registration process, so outstation runners are advised to register immediately to avoid disappointment.

For SATARA DISTRICT/ LOCAL RUNNERS, registration for PNB MetLife SHHM 2018 will start on 1st March 2018 and close when the maximum limit of 2000 registrations is reached OR on 5th April 2018, whichever happens first.

For DRDP QUOTA RUNNERS, registration for PNB MetLife SHHM 2018 will close when the maximum limit of 1000 registrations is reached OR on 15th May 2018, whichever happens first. Click here for more details

How do I register ?

For SATARA DISTRICT/ LOCAL RUNNERS, registration for PNB MetLife SHHM 2018 will start on 1st March 2018 and close when the maximum limit of 2000 registrations is reached OR on 5th April 2018, whichever happens first.

Registration for OUTSTATION RUNNERS starts on 7th April 2018. There will be limited slots for outstation runners. Outstation runners are requested to ensure accommodation during their stay in Satara, as the hotels tend to fill up very fast on account of the event and limited availability.

You can register online by clicking this link and paying through a choice of Debit Card / Credit Card or Net Banking

Why do I have to provide a photo ID at the time of registration ? Why is it compulsory to provide only Aadhar card as Address proof ?

Running events are attended by thousands of people, making it important to have identity proof of the participants verified from a security point of view.

Also, we need confirmed photo identification to prevent attempts by some runners to use unscrupulous means for winning a podium finish and Prize money.

Additionally, in case of the Local Satara District runners Quota, we have a strict requirement of the Aadhar Card, because this is now the most acceptable document which proves reliably , whether one is a proper resident of Satara District.

We have special prize money and rankings for Satara Category [ apart from the general category ] , hence it is important to have proper categorization of the runners.

So, please furnish the said documents . It helps us organize things better and makes it possible for us to give you a safe, memorable and fun experience on the event day.

How much is the Registration fee ?

The registration fees for the various events are as follows :


Local Satara Runner 21k - Rs 1100

Outstation Runner 21k - Rs 1800

DRDP 21k - Rs 2800

Foreign National Runner 21k - USD 50

DHAMAAL RUN [ 3.5 km FUN RUN ] – Rs 300

Why is the registration fees for outstation runners much higher than local satara runners ?   Why this Discrimination ?

This event is organized by SATARA RUNNERS FOUNDATION, a Not for Profit organization, the members of which are local runners from the Satara running community. 

These are people who do this as a passion on a voluntary basis, while balancing their regular jobs as Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers,Teachers, Businessmen, Entrepreuners, Shopkeepers, Housemakers, Students and so on.

As of now, the Satara local running community is a relatively small and slowly growing group and we are making efforts to increase awareness about the marvelous world of running and its benefits among the local community.

We are facing an uphill task in convincing the people in our predominantly rural area, to register for a run by PAYING MONEY.


We are still asked why one should pay money to run. Some people go to the extent of saying that THEY should be paid for running !!!

There are a few people who even doubt and question our motive behind organising such a wonderful event.

But we march ahead because we know that we are doing a good job.

This discount to local runners has always been there in our event.

The 3000 seat quota for Outstation runners is usually sold out in less than 24 hours of the start of registration.

Outstation runners face challenges in finding suitable accommodation due to relative paucity of hotels in Satara. They take all these efforts to travel to Satara & participate in their beloved event.

Local runners have no such travel and stay issues. Yet , the speed and interest for registration from local Satara runners is much slower in comparison.

It is no mean task to organize an event of this scale without raising the necessary funds.

The entire money that comes from registration goes into organizing the event and all profits are ploughed back into making the event better from year to year.

We also have invested in several local initiatives to promote a healthy life style in the Local community.

It’s not that outstation runners are being over charged. They know and believe that the overall experience is worth the registration fees being charged .

It’s the locals who are being offered a substantial discount , to motivate them to register in increasing numbers.

So, when you register as an Outstation runner , you can feel proud and happy for having promoted and helped the development of the sport in our local community.

What does the Registration fee cover ?

The fee covers entry to the event. We also provide you with the Official Race T-shirt, Timing chip, Goodie bag, Race Bib, a beautiful Finisher's medal, a Finisher’s Certificate [ e-certificate ] and refreshments during & after the run. 


Why is there a limit on the number of registrations ( Especially Outstation runners ) ?

While we close the registration at 3000 for outstation runners, the actual demand is in far excess of this [ at least 8000 runners, as per our most conservative estimates, based on our database and feedback from the community ]

We are always inundated with requests for more registrations to be opened up, from friends and families from all over the country.

So kindly spare a few minutes to understand our position in this regard :

A] Our focus as organisers is always on trying to give runners the best possible experience on event day.

We are not interested in just filling up the entries and increasing the numbers.

The hilly and relatively narrow roads on our route , beautiful as it is, also makes it challenging for us to manage the crowd of runners on the winding out & back course.

We are trying to enhance the experience of registered runners, instead of just letting the numbers increase and the management go out of control for us.

We manage the entire show with the help of a purely volunteer based team drawn from friends & family , backed up by the local administration & Satara Police, and supported the entire city.

B] While Local runners can just come from their homes, which are in and around Satara , the outstation runners have to travel all the way from their respective cities and arrange for their stay for at least 2 days in Satara.

As per our experience, the number of hotels and lodges in Satara are not sufficient to accommodate more than about 2000 odd runners , so a large number of runners have to struggle to find accommodation . We make all efforts to help them find a place. In fact hundreds of runners stay at their friends’ and relatives’ places.

We are now trying to promote and develop a local "HOME STAY" concept [ like AIRBNB ] , which helps runners find safe and comfortable places at reasonable rates. It also helps the local community to get and feel involved , while also helping them to earn some money in the process.

We don’t want runners to register in a rush and then end up having to cancel their trip to Satara for want of accommodation.

We are runners ourselves , we know how bad that feels. We don’t want runners to lose both their money and their chance of experiencing the event , due to an over demand for the available accommodation space.

Unfortunately, the Hotel industry is making merry on account of the heavy demand, by raising their room rates specifically during the event. Some hotels have raised their rates to unbelievable levels and there is nothing we can do about it.

We have tried reasoning with the local Hotel Association and also approached the local administration and media but to no avail yet !

Will you reopen the registrations once the allotted limit of registrations has filled up ? What is RAC (Registration against cancellation)?

We appreciate your desire to run in SHHM 2018.

We sincerely wish to help you to be a part of our event, but we cannot increase the number of registrations now.

However, we have decided to introduce the new concept of Registration against Cancellation ( RAC ) @ SHHM 2018 to try & accommodate the requests of runners who were not able to register in time.

As we cannot increase the number of runners, registrations may be given to some runners against cancelled registrations, if any.

Please register yourself for the RAC scheme by using this link :


Submitting this form does not guarantee you registration as it will be allotted depending on the numbers of cancellations received. If there are more requests than available slots, a "lucky draw" system will be used to allot the running slots.

Last date for registering for RAC is 15 May 2018.

How will this work ?

Runners who have already registered through the regular process will get a chance to cancel their registration & avail a refund from 16th May till 25th May 2018 only. No cancellation will be allowed after 25th May.

This is NOT a transfer of registration scheme.

All cancelled seats will be in a common pool and alloted to the runners who have registered under RAC scheme on a lucky draw basis only.

On 26th May 2018, we'll allot the available seats, made vacant by cancellation, to those who have registered for the RAC scheme. If there are more requests than the number of available seats ( quite likely to be so ), then a lucky draw method will be applied.

Those runners who are selected for the event will be sent special registration codes and a link to register, which they will use and register before a stipulated date, failing which, the slot will be allotted to the next candidate in line.

We hope you get lucky and that we see you in Satara.

I have registered for SHHM 2018? Can you help me getting accommodation?

Congratulations for booking your date with the fabled hills of Satara at the PNB Metlife Satara Hill Half Marathon 2018.

From our past experience, the hotels and lodges in Satara are usually unable to accommodate all the runners, so finding suitable accommodation is often a challenge , but we are Runners & we LOVE challenges , don't we ?

So while the accommodation of runners is really beyond our purview as Race organisers, we are also not going to sit back and do nothing, while our runners have to struggle for accommodation and maybe even have to risk foregoing their chance to run in Satara, just because of lack of a place to stay.

So we have put together an action plan to try and help as many runners as possible.

Please take a look at the suggested options below, & we pray that you are able to choose and find the best one for you. ( We advise that runners use their own discretion while making their choices for Travel & Accommodation. We cannot accept any liability on account of the same. )


Sports Travel and Accommodation provider

Event page for Satara Hill Half Marathon


You can contact the iStaySporty Team via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and contact them on +91 9082461816

(Monday to Friday - 10.00 am to 6.00 pm)

Panchgani Hotel Association

Panchgani Hotel Association has offered to help runners with a customised Travel, Stay and Food package. Please visit the link below for more details https://www.townscript.com/e/shhm-stay-in-panchgani-and-run-in-satar-221013

Sathe Tours

A local Travel & Tourism company, which can possibly help you find accommodation in local hotels, lodges, dormitories etc.

Email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact : Mrs. Rupali Gupte +91 9552593438

(10.00 am to 6.00 pm)

We hope to see you all in Satara

What is the DRDP ? Why do I have to pay more to register under this quota??

The Distance Running Development Program aims to provide aspiring and talented youth with the opportunities to achieve their highest potential in running, especially distance running, with a special focus on local talent, in Satara District.

The program will provide scholarships to young local athletes according to financial need, natural talent, athletic skill and a willingness to work hard towards achieving excellence.

Through fundraising events, sponsorship, web-based resources and more, we also intend to partner with like-minded organizations to raise and donate funds to benefit the growth and development of deserving and needy athletes.

We aim to promote middle and long distance running at the grassroots for local athletes, to encourage, nurture and provide them professional training and national / international exposure in order to compete at the highest level.

We believe Satara possesses extraordinary raw running talent that needs to be spotted and nurtured in the right manner. We are hopeful that this project will help discover such talent and make India proud in the years to come.

The program will provide a holistic approach to training of athletes, which will include Sports Nutrition, Sports Scientific and Physical training, and Mental Preparation Programs.

We intend to pool together the collaborative efforts of teachers, parents, coaches, mentors, fitness professionals, performance analysts, physiotherapists, sports psychologist, and dietitians all contributing to assist young runners achieve their goals.

With initiatives to propel runners forward in their running careers to international standings and participation in world-renowned athletic events, Marathon Association Satara is committed to supporting promising athletes through complimentary entry and registration for marathons, travel assistance, lodging and stipend/ sponsorship programs.

We request you to register for PNB MetLife Satara Hill Half Marathon 2018, through the DRDP SATARA quota.

Each registration through this portal will contribute Rs 1000/- directly to the Project.

Let’s all contribute to support and nurture deserving young talent.

Together we can and will do it.

Where does the race start ? Where does it end ?

The route for all the races is an OUT & BACK course.

The Starting point as well as Finish point is the Satara Police Parade ground, near ST Bus stand Satara, meaning we start and finish at the same place ,the Police parade ground. A detailed map of the route, along with the photos of the course, and elevation profile is available on our website.

You can have a look at it below

Route Map

(Final details of the route are subject to approvals and permissions from the respective Official departments. The final announcement in this regard will be made at the appropriate time.)

Can I transfer/cancel my registration? Will there be any refund ?

Sorry, no cancellations / transfers are possible and registration fees are non-refundable.

Oops! I have made a mistake in one of my registration fields. How do I correct it ?

Please send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the correct details and we will update it.

There was a problem during registration. I have been charged but I did not receive a confirmation. What should I do ?

Under exceptional cases, in case the transaction failed at the payment gateway stage, and if the money was debited but a confirmation was not generated, the money will be credited back to your account within 3 working days automatically. However, please email us with details of your registration – date of registration, name and your mail id and we will follow up to ensure the problem is tracked and dealt with.

Are we going to attempt another Guinness world record this time too ?

As a matter of principle & policy, we don't really look at the Guinness World Record as a target to be achieved at any cost. 

It is just something which happens on its own as the popularity of our event grows.

We are getting increasing numbers of runners every year.

We are certain that we can break our own previous record yet again in 2018.

But we have decided that we will not allow the number of registrations to exceed our numbers from last year as we believe we have reached the optimum number which can be safely managed on our challenging route.

Therefore, we are NOT going to apply for the Guinness World Record this year.

We are more committed and focussed on the experience that we provide to each and every runner.

That is at the centre of all our efforts. The Runner & his safety/comfort/happiness comes FIRST !

When and where can I collect my Race number/BIB and Race Kit ?

The Race Kit for PMLI SSHM 2018 [ BIB, Event T-shirt, Timing chip, Race instructions, etc ] will be handed out to the Registered runners at the PMLI SSHM Race Expo, to be held at the Shri. Chh.AbhaysinhRaje Bhonsle Multipurpose Hall at Shendre, on Saturday,1st September 2018, between 10 am and 6 pm. [ Venue subject to change and will be confirmed via E-mail]

Registered runners will be sent detailed route directions to reach the venue via email soon.

Click here for the Google map to the venue [ https://goo.gl/maps/mwvnHf4QacM2 ]

  • You will have to carry and produce a proof of registration such as a payment receipt or an e-mail printout. Or you could flash your smartphone screens, to show us your registration confirmation / BIB number allotment e-mail / sms .
  • The Race Kit can be collected only on 1st September 2018, at the Race Expo. It cannot be collected either before or after that [ on race day ]
  • It is mandatory to produce a photo ID proof , even if you are collecting your own Race kit / BIB.
  • There will be NO SPOT REGISTRATION available at the expo for new / unregistered runners.
  • It is not possible for us to courier the Race kit or hand it over to any unauthorized person.
  • If you are unable to collect your race kit personally, you can send a person with the Authorisation letter , duly filled in and signed by you , to collect it on your behalf. You can download the Official AUTHORISATION LETTER here : Click here

Can I collect my Race kit on any other day ? Can my friend collect it for me ?

The race kit can be collected only on Saturday, 1st September 2018, at the Race Expo. It cannot be collected either before or after that (on race day) It is not possible for us to courier the Race kit or hand it over to any unauthorized person.

If you are unable to collect your race kit personally, you can send a person with the Authorisation letter , duly filled in and signed by you , to collect it on your behalf. You will receive the authorization letter by email, in due time.

What are the Medal categories in the Half Marathon event ?

We have three categories of medals in the Half Marathon event, according to the Cut-off times, as follows :




NOTE : The above criteria apply to both male , as well as female runners, across all age groups.

The GUN TIME will be considered for the timing (NOT CHIP TIME)

How much is the Prize money ?

Check Here

What are the Age categories for the various events ?

Check Here

How should I train for the event? Are there any training runs scheduled ?

This being a hilly run, training on slopes / inclines is recommended as a part of your training.

You can follow the Official Training program,

Check Here

You have mentioned that one should include “hill-runs” in the training. There are no hills in my area. How should I train for the same, if I want to run and train for the PNB METLIFE SHHM ? Please suggest an alternative if possible.

You can look out for manmade slopes like parking lots,ramps etc. You can also run on a Treadmill with an inclined ramp. Alternatively, running up and down stairs in a building ( gradually increasing the number of stairs and speed ) is also a good strategy.

What should I do If I have any other questions ?

You can send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

end faq