SAAS ( Satara for All, All for Satara ) is an initiative by MARATHON ASSOCIATION SATARA supported by SATARA NAGARPALIKA.

It aims to create awareness and inspiration among our fellow citizens & to draft and develop plans of action to achieve our cherished dream of a cleaner and healthier Satara by 17th September 2017, when we flag off the 6th edition of the ever popular PNB MetLife Satara Hill Half Marathon.

We organised a "24 hour Day and Night continous relay run" in and around Satara city, on 1st January 2017 to kick-start our campaign to achieve our objective over the next 9 months leading up to the event. 

Over 650 runners of all ages and abilities from Satara volunteered and ran between 8 am on 1st January till 8 am on 2nd January 2017 , anywhere from a minimum of 15 minutes up to a maximum of 24 hours. Runners ran on pre defined routes , covering almost all the residential as well as business localities of the city and its suburbs, drawing attention of the entire city’s population to our cause.

In fact, 4 of them ran for almost the entire 24 hour period, [ except short breaks for rest and refuellling in between ] clocking up an impressive total of over 400 kms in the process. The overall distance covered by all the participants totalled well over 3000 kms.

As a part of our 24 hour run to promote running for health and a Cleaner and Greener Satara, we also undertook a cleaning and beautification drive on a pre - selected spot on Radhika road. This spot is located opposite Hotel Sagar Deluxe, and was becoming a hot spot for garbage and filth.

We cleaned it up through the day, digging out literally 4 trolleys full of garbage and rubble which was clogging the drainage systems as well as spilling on to the road causing a huge eyesore to all who passed by.

We hope to maintain this level of cleanliness and aesthetic appeal at this spot with help from the local administration, which has been very supportive of this initiative.

We hope to replicate this pattern at many more spots in Satara , with the help of the running community, the citizens of Satara , and the solid support of the Nagarpalika with the newly elected team and Mayor Mrs Madhavi Kadam at the helm of the affairs.

The pro-active and dynamic CEO of Nagarpalika Mr Shankar Gore has also been very positive in this matter.

Together, we hope to make a real difference as a TEAM !!!