Satara Half Hill Marathon-Training Guide 2019 Satara Hill Half Marathon

Training Guide 2019

The PMLI SHHM is a very unique road race. It starts in the centre of Satara city, and right from the word go, you find yourself running uphill.

The uphill run continues for almost the entire first half of the Half marathon, till you reach the Turnaround at the Half way point. You do get a few patches where you find relatively flat portions or rolling hills but they account for no more than a few hundred meters overall.

While on your way back, you run most of the route downhill, except for a few uphills, which seem to appear suddenly out of nowhere, leaving you shocked and surprised.

This unique terrain requires a special kind of training and understanding of the route. A special strategy and method is essential to tackle this challenging half marathon.

Local runners have the advantage of being able to practice their strategy on the actual route. It is highly recommended that outstation runners try and come down to Satara at least once before the race, to get a feel of the route. If they cannot, they should have a look at the route by watching our route videos, studying the elevation maps, and talking to seasoned and senior runners who have run this before. Route Details

Our Training program given below has been prepared by our Team of veteran local runners, based on their own practical experience of the route. The focus is on strategy, especially the one to be followed on race day.

Each kilometer is to be tackled in a particular manner, according to the chosen target Finish time. The Bus leader of each target time will be taking his runners through each split exactly as per the official splits as given in the program.

Follow the training schedule to the best of your ability and we hope to see you at the start of the race. Join your chosen bus and enjoy the ride. Your hard earned medal awaits you!